The secret room of alchemist


One of the biggest and best-kept secrets of the old city of Vilnius is an ancient and mysterious Room of Alchemists discovered in the territory of Spaudos rūmai…

You have 60 minutes to reveal the main secret of the alchemy …Find hidden hints and riddles, but no special skills or knowledge are needed to solve the puzzles.

Alchemy is an ancient and long-lived art. For many years, alchemists sought to find the philosopher’s stone – a substance able to turn base metals into precious ones and holding the key to immortality. The philosopher’s stone is the fifth element next to Fire, Water, Air and Earth. It’s not only a volatile, changeable substance or a stone of the utmost solidity, the most precious jewel… it’s also a piece of rock by the roadside that no one needs.

If there’s an adventurer inside you waiting to get out and start the hunt for the philosopher’s stone by opening the door to this mysterious room, register now!

The game is for teams of 2-5 people over 14 years of age, who love secrets and extraordinary experiences.
Duration – 1 hour.
Possible languages: all world languages (no talking in the game)


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